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Default Just saying...

Originally Posted by verminator View Post
I don't think vaping helps all that much, but this situation of people going out to buy vaping gear just to gain a perceived advantage is silly.

I don't like the idea of a windicators either, I can see them getting out of hand. Imagine the kind of things you could have hanging from the end of the gun. It also makes the sport more technical, leading it away from the H in HFT. Keep it simple please.
Why hang it off the end of your gun (would be better sticking vertically up in the air for prone shots ), what if, like bench rest lads use, I have a short metal rod with a flag on the end and as I approach the peg I stick it into the ground next to where I am about to shoot - much better than on the rifle

As you say, out of hand, just saying....

Personally I don't mind what rules there are, as long as everyone adheres to them, you just have to work at them.
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