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Originally Posted by Toucan59 View Post
Not really Pete, if the UKAHFT rules are being used at club level, surely club shooters can have an option.
Sorry Ray but the UKAHFT Rules & Format are primarily for the running of the UKAHFT National series which is why we'd like votes only from our National shooters. We fine tune these rules as a result of how the National series runs, sometimes altering things that don't work & sometimes adding things to keep the sport challenging.

Yes we have lots of clubs using our rules, some affiliated & some not, some strictly adhering to the rules & some not but we don't change or alter these rules based on what happens at the individual club shooter level, although each year we do ask some clubs to trial certain changes & give us feedback before we consider any rules changes.

Sparky wasn't really referring to club shooters by the way, he was referring to a few of the FT shooters we'd spotted who don't shoot HFT or don't shoot UKAHFT rules HFT.