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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
BFTA do have a ruling, Main Shoot Rules, Rule 10 c, d & e:
c. Any type of clothing, glove, or footwear is allowed provided it is not a hazard to the shooter or others. Clothing may be padded to reduce the pressure of the rifle stock resting on the arm or knee. The padding may be e.g. felt, or layers of cloth.
d. The surface of the pad on which the stock rests must be flat and not shaped to provide lateral support to the stock.
e. Separate pads may be worn over non-padded clothing provided that they conform to the above specifications.

So, as of today, you could use a knee pad similar to the ones people use to support the rifle.

However, the current rules do not consider the potential change to the kneeling rule to remove the bag and move to the mat.
So, we will have to consider the implications of the change to the kneeling rule and consider if this means we will have to introduce restrictions to clothing.
So according to yourself then on Sunday at a MFTA shoot a competitor can use a kneeling roll under their ankle, a Matt on floor to kneel on and a padded knee pad on the knee too (secured for all course) ?
Just need to be sure when I do the briefing that I'm correct?
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