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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
We had a bit of a debate a while ago and it appears that for ft , most shots taken at a higher level than hft prone it made a difference , so ok , we may get an advantage on any positionals , still if you've checked wind coming round trees that your using for a support and believing the direction good luck to you , dink
I dont know whether I could hang anything of my rifles, bit like adding mudguards to a mountain bike , a bell to your fishing rod , YUK
Some people seem to be fixating upon the the height of the windicator in the prone position as lets face it the windicator will be grounded & won't work if you are shooting a ground level target.

I tend to keep an eye on the wind constantly but I will drop leaves/grass before I approach the peg, I sometimes lift the string to check I'm on the right target & to get an indication of what the wind is doing out to the target. Occasionally I'll ask one of my shooting partners to drop leaves or blow smoke/vape as soon as I get down to the peg.........with a windicator I would get an indication of the wind (at the peg only) when I pick my rifle up, when I approach the peg & once down in the prone position I can lift the muzzle a foot or two off the ground if I need a last second wind check.

To me smoking & vaping is an advantage to wind indication which is why if I'm partnered with a smoker I'll ask them to create smoke before my shot, now we have non nicotine vaping how long will it be before the course is clouded with vaping fume (some pleasant & some sickening) as I must admit I considered getting one for the start of last year.