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I've just changed over to vaping in my quest to give up and it's a good thing, and not only my health, did I use cigs or now vape in my shooting process yes tbh, but then again over a average shoot time of some 3 hours I didn't constantly smoke !, and I've yet to see someone do this, so I guess smoke or vape only helps when in use....

Let's be fair here, wind at the firing line doesn't always equate to what's going on down range, and a feathered string hanging off a rifle won't guarantee anyone 2 points, this might also pay dividends to all the ppl who say I've got an advantage ??..

I love nothing better than a string from peg to target, but by the time I've checked this and got my 5hit sorted, once again things change and I'm still NOT guarantee 2 points

Keep land owners happy, allow windicators BAN tissue and fibres

Ps if anyone has a red feather pm me plz.
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