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In HFT shooters use glass telescopic sights on @ 10x to sight the target. So the size/length of the rifle in relation to the scope is quite unimportant.

In 10m Air Rifle shooters use rear aperture sights with a seperate front sight element. Generally with this type of sighting system the further apart the aperture and front sight the better the accuracy. So if 10m shooters used Bullpups the sight system would be too close together. Most 10m rifles have an extension at the front of the barrel that houses the front element at it's front.

Try a Bullpup in the standing position. Most shooters will find them easier to hold steady with the weight being further back.

Darrin's point is a decent one. The shorter Pups with not much meat front of the trigger won't allow a comfortable stretched out front arm on the prone shots. The Huntsman that I showed should be fine as will Lol's rifle.
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