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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Pete are you classifying leaves , fibres , paper etc as windicators ? , I couldnt find any details in the ft rules exactly what a windicator is , let alone hft rules ,
my interpretation is something fixed to your rifle, that can be seen the same time as pulling the trigger.
By the time youve dropped grass leaves , fibres like wool , tiny bits of tissue and get down on the peg , get in the zone , the whole scene may have changed , maybe think about natural products found at the peg would narrow it down if someones ridiculously ott about the environment ,
As Ive said in my initial post we are considering allowing the use of windicators mounted on the end of the rifle, if we went with that option we would probably have to specify what could be used as we always get shooters trying to take the mick.

Either way we don't really want shooters dropping paper or hollowfill jacket lining at shoots as it looks a mess & could present a hazard to wildlife or livestock.