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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Last years UKAHFT National shoots saw more & more shooters using vaping devices to give an indication of what the wind is doing before shooting, there are even shooters using them with no nicotine purely as a wind indicator.
We also have shooters sprinkling non natural media such as paper or synthetic fibres onto the course.

Is it therefore now time to allow the use of windicators on the end of a rifle, rather than people feeling the need to purchase a vaping device or hope that they are shooting with someone who has one or who smokes.
Pete are you classifying leaves , fibres , paper etc as windicators ? , I couldnt find any details in the ft rules exactly what a windicator is , let alone hft rules ,
my interpretation is something fixed to your rifle, that can be seen the same time as pulling the trigger.
By the time youve dropped grass leaves , fibres like wool , tiny bits of tissue and get down on the peg , get in the zone , the whole scene may have changed , maybe think about natural products found at the peg would narrow it down if someones ridiculously ott about the environment ,

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