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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
How many clicks are allowed for fine tuning .
I wouldn't say there's a definitive "allowance". If you spend the time with your mounts (packing or adjustable) you should be able to get within 3-4 clicks on a 1/4 turret. If your inside that great, outside try harder with your mounts.

You will find that decent scopes will say in there instructions that they are already optically centred. So that leaves you with mount adjustments, and fine tuning.

Unfortunately this leads us to another contentious area......scope mounts.

I read recently in one of the comics that Sportsmatch were the best you could buy.....tell that to BKL or Tier One.

The mount has to sit central on the rifle rail, look at Sportsmatch and you will see they cant the scope.

I will await the tirade of comments.
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