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Default Scope height

Originally Posted by skires View Post

I've been saying that.

However ... some of the Bullpups ... especially the older custom made ones ... have buttpads that can be adjusted so you can shoot buttpad rested on the ground. The intermounts could also be made so that the scope could be mounted much lower. So they could be used in HFT and do well with no problems.

( ... and we've got a HFT World Champ saying Bullpups could be used in HFT ).
On a bull pup you could make the scope mount as low as a "normal" rifle the problem is the actual height you can get your eye down to.

As the eye is essentially on the fixed action not on an adjustable cheek piece, its position is fixed, that's why I made this little gizmo (multi pin hole camera like - made from an ice cream tub ) to establish my actual eye pupil height in relation to my cheek bone.

With my cheekbone on the action for me it was comfortably 38mm to 40mm, I could push it down to 35mm, that's where I made my intermount fall.

So if you want to lower the scope the only options are to come back off the action, or design the action such that the barrel is higher in relation to the cheek rest.

I did consider one of these - periscope baby :
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