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Originally Posted by Lol Moore View Post
Not really a problem in HFT, I think if you walked around with your rifle shouldered someone may have words

I cannot understand why people feel the need to be able to load a rifle whilst its still shouldered
It is very handy if you hunt and I don't mean for missed shots either, and I can think of numerous occasions this has been handy.

Having said that, I rarely have my shoulder in the stock when prone on an HFT course with my PCP's , although when shooting the Pro Sport, I do come up the peg and shoulder the gun every time to avoid changes in POI, so it could be done. Interesting discussion prompted by a new gun.
The rifle version of the Glad lad is looking quite nice in the Walnut stock, I dont like black Tactical guns but thats just a personal thing.

Just realised I am shouldering my Pro Sport in my Avatar up the peg!
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