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[QUOTE=skires;223283]I'm not sure how cutting off the choke is going to help?

You have a TIGHT then LOOSE then TIGHT (Choke) barrel...If it goes from tight breech to loose bore and stays that way all the way out, it may be OK but not the opposite.

Unless you want to lap the tight bore section at the breech so it becomes the same bore as the rest of the barrel and leave the choke as is, you don't have many other alternatives...Lapping the breech section as described is not an easy task; I have seen many damaged barrels after shooters have tried to lap them.

It is OK to have a barrel with NO CHOKE...There are some constant bore un-choked barrels that are killer barrels around the Bench Rest & FT circuits.

If you measure a good barrel with choke, they all tighten gradually and there are no loose bore sections...If you ask any gun maker they will all tell you that a tight spot after a loose section in any barrel it is BAD; they either lap the tight spot or cut it if the barrel allows them to do it.

A barrel that shoots .500" five shot groups at 50 Yards in considered a good barrel by the Industry (Manufacturers)...BR and some FT shooters like their barrels more accurate but it is not an easy task to find an extraordinary barrel.

Anyhow...Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your project!

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