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Default stil none the wiser

[QUOTE=tugg;223352]I'm with Tench on this,even the most experienced hft shooters will get caught out from time to time on high mounts above 2" on ranges between 17 and 13 yards ,the closer 20 mm shouldn't cause to much of a problem, but on some of these bullpups we are talking quite a bit more than 2" and I would think in beginners hands will struggle.
we only have one free stander on a hft course ,why would you want to put yourself at a disadvantage for 24 prone shots, when what you should be doing is practicing your standers.
terrible name,though I doubt the AA Gonad was aimed at the hft/ft fraternity.[/QUOTE
Totally agree with tugg and Si
Ok , I never said they shouldnt be used or would be any good for hft , just my opinion , cant see the advantage in using one for hft ,
Anyhoo , other than a few people who replied I, m still none the wiser on what air gun discipline this is aimed at other than a few people mentioning manoeverability in the field hunting , if the standing dynamics were that good I, m suprised we havent seen it in 10m olympic shooting by now .
So I suppose it appeals to peoples personal tastes , nothing wrong with that

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Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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