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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
Tried to find replacements for RWS Superfields of 4yrs ago.New ones can't hold a candle to them at 55yds; tried JSB same
Maybe not in your rifles Mike , new ones probably good in other peoples including mine , I just tried another few batches one of which had a bit of wow factor when I opened them (yes I am sad , I know ),deep longish and well domed , and these had a narrower than usual waist , gotta be good in the wind , so off to petes farm , stunned with the results , bought the lot , tried them at lea valley SH , the targets missed where because i overwinded them , I now have no excuses ]
Always on the lookout for when my batch runs out(12000), what die etc are you using.
I find that pellets eventually don't match the early ones after a long production run. The Daystates before the selects,Air Arms about the same time and RWS Superfields about the same period too.
When doing FT I had(still have) 3 sleeves of Bisley Magnums from the 80s; they were very accurate and shrugged off wind.Buying as many as you can is a temporary measure as the supply eventually runs out and never as good as they were.
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