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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
While I understand your give it a go attitude Colin, that 2"+ scope height will give you less than a yard either side tolerance on targets below 17-18 yards so there is a big difference between knowing the aim points and being able to consistently knock over the closer reducers. Works for a few people and I have tried it but not easy!
Hey up Simon

HFTers always want it easy.

I spent some time working out how to use the ret to bracket shorter targets. So with my eye estimation ( pretty good up to 25 yards ) backed up by scope ret bracketing and blur, and the fact that 15mm kills are only 13 to 25 and have to be prone, so groups at that range HFT style prone are tiny ragged holes, it's really not hard. There aren't loads of aim points for the 15mms with high mounts ... bottom of kill, below centre, centre, above centre, top of kill. Even on 15mms the same aim point will cover a number of yards and you can be a couple of yards out and they will still go down ( a bit of practice ranging by eye, ret and blur and you'll be estimating within a couple of yards ). Under 13 yards and it's 20mm kills. I think I was top of kill 12, 11 ( so top of kill would knock down 14, 13, 12 and 11 ). Aim bottom bar for 10 ( top of kill would probably still take it down ). Both 9 and 8 were bottom bar top of kill. Again practise ranging those distances by eye and learn to use the ret and blur to confirm.

I'm not saying Bullpups are the best option or high mounts are the best option. I'm saying the Bullpup invasion is here and some owners will want to give HFT a try. I'm saying that with a bit of thought they are perfectly useable in HFT. So encourage the Bullpup owners in and then see how they go. I think that's maybe better than the Bullpup owners keep reading on the net that they no need bother giving HFT a go ( if they want to shoot their Pups ).

Loonies shoot 0.22 and springers in HFT. Pups won't be any harder than those categories.

They can always do a Holly and shoot FT.

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