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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I want a scope riser rail for my 97K.

The Johno rails seem very popular on the TX and crop up from time to time on here, though are snapped up quickly.

Having had his rails in the past on Steyr and EV I know they are precisely machined for the dovetails on the specific rifle so what I want to know is how close is a TX rail to a 97. Is it going to fit well enough to be a good option?

What are the other options for a 15-20mm lift? No more than that?

Currently using a Nikko in ATP65s on Sportsmatch risers which is a good height for me but I want to go back to the Bushnell Elite on this rifle for better balance. However the Bushnell is in a one piece AOP55 and that would look very odd sat atop the risers.
I've got both, and I'm pretty sure I tried the 97 on the tx before phoning Jonno up and ordering one for it.

More sportsmatch risers?
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