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Originally Posted by stryder5 View Post
Did mine on the rifle, with tops off mounts, centralised. Rear mounts needed about 0.15mm packing. Then about 1 click elevation, 2 click windage.

My turrets are 1/8

I perceive both a mental and accuracy benefit.
If you're not using adjustable mounts, the old method I used to use was to clamp the rifle, fire a shot into a target at 25-30yds to make a distinct hole.

Remove the scope without disturbing the rifle in any way, then centralise it either using the mirror method (turn on any illuminated reticle if you have) or spin method.

Now carefully wrap a length of cling-film around the scope tube. then take some P60 car filler and carefully coat the inside of the scope mounts with a lot more in the rear than the front.

Take your scope and fit it into the mounts and gently squeeze into the filler, look through the scope and move it so that the cross-hairs line up perfectly with the hole you shot earlier.

Before the filler goes off, fit the top mount straps and gently tighten watching through the scope to make sure the cross-hairs don't move off the shot hole.

Finally when you're absolutely sure that the scope is still in line with the hole and the cross-hair is perfectly vertical, just leave the scope/mounts for a few hours to ensure that the filler hardens properly.
You can trim off any excess filler before this with a sharp blade, but be careful of marking your scope tube.

Once the filler has hardened, remove the scope, again without disturbing the rifle, take off the cling-film, trim up any excess filler inside the scope rings, then refit the scope tightening down the scope rings while making sure the cross-hairs stay exactly on the same shot hole as before.

Congratulations, you now have a perfectly aligned rig where you can be sure that the scope is pointing exactly in alignment with the barrel bore.

Some people will say it's a lot of faffing around, but I would say that if you have confidence that your rifle/scope are properly aligned, then you will shoot better.

For less faffing around, i.e. no car filler, simply use the Sportsmatch adjustable mounts, do everything the same except adjust the scope to the shot hole using the mount adjustments, then simply lock off to hold.
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