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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
You are right it is a right faf! you have to clock the barrel perfectly central, not easy to do on rifling! then bore the absolute smallest dia possible that removes all the rifling to create a smooth section as small as possible for the skirt to seal in. JSB pellet skirts measure over the nominal bore size but a larger dia requires a steeper taper to blend into the rifling. Then taper this into the rifling with the taper starting just in front of where the skirt of a loaded pellet sits. I do it with a very small boring bar and use about 2 degree taper (4 deg included angle). then polish it so a pellet glides in super smooth but shows no day light around it when sat in the loaded position.

Far too time consuming to do as a customer job but well worth the effort as it massively reduces fps variation.
Yep just fire form much easier.

Hobbit Army

Rick Ardern super low mounts ISP MK3 pellet launching platforms and Sightron 10 x 42mm telescopic sights.
Because it is not about how, but how many.

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