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I had a bit to do with some of the design in the Gold Star action and had one before they were in the shops. Many of the building blocks used in this action are based on tried tested and proven reliable designs from other rifles in their range, with maybe small changes like hammer weight and stroke, port dia etc. The reg is new and a good reliable design, vented and Bellville sprung with greater piston area than previous bsa regs. The barrel is excellent! My one criticism of the rifle is probably a personal one rather than an actual fault, I find it a little short and light. But then others may like that? I also prefer a more vertical pistol grip and flatter cheek piece, but these are all personal preference. On the whole the rifle is great with good feed back from owners which is worth far more than a good magazine review, have you ever read a bad one?

I would always choose single shot action when buying a BSA as the multi shots tend to wear the pellet probe o ring quite quickly, easy to replace without disassembly once you have the knack so not the end of the world if you wanted a multi but the single shot action probe seal lasts for ever in comparison.

So many new rifle designs these days head back to the factory in droves all with the same fault, this has not been the case with the GS, it has had a very successful first year in production.

Oh, one more thing, the stripper cone has a much too large hole in it to be effective and would benefit from a new cone being made to go in it with much closer tolerance.
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