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Quite a few changes to the course since most of you were here last time. Average lane length is up a little, but not much. Reducers are in temporary position, and apertures will be chosen on Sunday morning depending on what the wind is doing.

It's all looking very good, with just enough grass to give the lanes a chiselled appearance. We've painted the freestyle targets black with yellow kills, and just to help those who might not spot the clues printed on the scorecard nor the signs at the shooting positions nor the K or S by the targets, the positionals are yellow with black kills. Four standers and four kneelers.

We're replacing a few targets on the hunter course, new stocks arriving tomorrow (hopefully). Hunter targets are red with yellow kills.

Lots of dandelions out at the moment, don't get carried away, they're not the real kill zones.

The speedshoot was popular when we held the SWEFTA showdown here last year, so we're putting that out at the far end as a side shoot. Our speedshoot comprises a rack or frame of four silhouettes, instead of being at varying distances they are put out at about 25 to 30 yards, the rams are painted red and the others are painted yellow, blue and black as they get smaller. You score as in snooker, hit a red and that gives you the right to go for a colour.

Bacon rolls and hot drinks on arrival, for lunch the ladies are putting on a chicken casserole with hot baby spuds and peas I gather, home made shortcake biscuits for the non-dieters, and there will be plenty of cans of coke in the fridge.

I'll be putting out the usual finger board signs at nearby junctions; if you have satnav punch in EX21 5HH.
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