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Tried to find replacements for RWS Superfields of 4yrs ago.New ones can't hold a candle to them at 55yds; tried JSB same problem.
Eventually tried AA Diablo Fields, almost as good as the old RWS,and no distorted skirts.With 15000 to play with I'm ready for when the die is "mucked up for an improvement!". .
Why cannot the producers replace the dies when worn with the same specification dies.
The technology is there eg "spark erosion" etc.
If like the old RWS Superfields that were used by many excellent top shots, they sold well and had a superb reputation; why ruin it by replacing it with a die that had an increased head dia and reduced tail dia compared to the original and groups were nowhere on par with them.So many voted with their feet and looked elsewhere.I would imagine their pellet sales dropped somewhat! .
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