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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I understand what you mean about being relaxed and just enjoying being out shooting, but is that not the problem ?
Why should one shooter stick to the rules and another be allowed to bend the rules?
This is what goes on at GPs and it causes a lot of ill feeling and back biteing .
The idea of putting a Marshall on the kneelers is to put a person there that is neutral and not a shooting buddy.
To answer your question "Why should one shooter stick to the rules and another be allowed to bend the rules?"

The NEFTA Hunter series is there to encourage new shooters into target shooting, and so we take a sensible approach with that objective in mind.

As an example.. If I'm shooting round with an experienced shooter and I see them breaking a rule, I would stop them and tell them.

If however, I'm shooting round with a novice - perhaps their first event, and so far they've only managed to hit 2 targets.. if their kneeling position is a bit off, I would probably allow them to take the shot and then afterwards tell them that the kneeling position they used wasn't fully to the rules, and help them to understand why and give them some tips on how to improve things.

That's the point of the Hunter Series, so it's perfectly acceptable to take that sort of pragmatic approach to the rules.

The GP series is different, and so are the WFTF World Championships - where I would show less leniency.

So, no, I don't think that's what the problem is at all.. in fact, I'm not convinced there actually is a problem other than lots of people (quite understandably) aren't entirely clear on what the rules are regarding the kneeling position.
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