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Default There the problem

There are times especially during the NEFTA Hunter series when we take a pragmatic approach to the rules - so yes we will allow leniency for some rule bending if we feel that enforcing a rule for the sake of being a 'jobsworth' isn't in the best interest of the sport or doesn't help to achieve the objective of the Hunter Series - which is a light hearted introduction to HFT and competitive shooting - it's not the Olympics.[/QUOTE]

I understand what you mean about being relaxed and just enjoying being out shooting, but is that not the problem ?
Why should one shooter stick to the rules and another be allowed to bend the rules?
This is what goes on at GPs and it causes a lot of ill feeling and back biteing .
The idea of putting a Marshall on the kneelers is to put a person there that is neutral and not a shooting buddy.
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