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NEFTA FT rules aren't the same as BFTA FT rules. They just haven't been updated in a few years so may have fallen a bit behind.

NEFTA Hunter rules aren't UKAHFT rules. When the Hunter series started back in 2005 the rules were largely the same as UKAHFT except for a few differences (kneeling being one of them).

The NEFTA Hunter series is a more relaxed form of 'competition', the objective is for shooters to be competitive against themselves. That's why the badge scheme was introduced. So if someone is cheating, they're only cheating themselves.

Firstly I would say - spend a bit of time understanding the rules before you assume they're being broken (perhaps they aren't and you just don't understand them?)

Secondly, FT and HFT aren't professional sports - they're run by volunteers, if you'd like to see the kneeling lanes strictly marshalled (by people who understand the rules) then perhaps you should volunteer to be a marshal?

If you see something that looks like it might be against the rules at an event, ask a marshal.

There are times especially during the NEFTA Hunter series when we take a pragmatic approach to the rules - so yes we will allow leniency for some rule bending if we feel that enforcing a rule for the sake of being a 'jobsworth' isn't in the best interest of the sport or doesn't help to achieve the objective of the Hunter Series - which is a light hearted introduction to HFT and competitive shooting - it's not the Olympics.
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