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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Specifically the S10 0.177.

All the usual ... shoots heavies best ... blah de blah.

As a few others have mentioned it has a tight area at the breech and then goes slack all down the barrel and then tight again at the choke at the muzzle end.

Bigtoe, and now my local RFD Keith M, has commented that the tight bit at the breech can't be doing me any favours. The pellets will be being sized down during transit through that bit and then enter the main length of the barrel undersize. Possible that compressed air will get past the pellet, cause instability blah de blah.

Others commenting that the BSA barrels do well after a polish to remove imperfections during the hammer forging.

So that tight spot is getting polished out at the breech. It is apparently caused on the S10's by BSA's method of using two bits pushed together to form the 'o' ring seal recess, and knurling the front/inner part ... hence giving a sort of choke at the breech end. Then the whole barrel is having a polish ... I'll go easy on the choke.

So I spoke to Keith and he advised what compounds to use to do the polishing but I want to source a UK available barrel cleaning rod. Ideally I want a rod that has a bearing in the handle so the handle will turn with the rifling. Also a coated rod that won't damage the barrel. A centralising thingy would be nice too.

The Parker Hale units look to tick those boxes but where sells them?

Any other suggestions re rods please?

It would be nice to have a rod that I could put a few 0.177 pads/felts on the front ( the cylindrical pads with holes through them ).

Does it help to know i've had several blank BSA barrels in my hand that haven't been in a gun, that have tight spots at both ends?

The maha is what i use (same as a VFG), but i'd be very surprised if you'll shift the tight parts... and if you do, i reckon you'll only shift the lands on those spots.
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