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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Did I bite then?
Just a bit of a nibble. It's ok ... you're HFT ... you're supposed to bite ... it's the built in Red Ant gene.

The OP says he shoots both but since about page 3 it's turned into a FT debate about bags Vs rolls. I don't think there's any plan to introduce rolls for kneeling in HFT. So hence the comment that there aren't any HFT shooters talking about any 'changes to' HFT kneeling rules.

The general trend on STB is that FT shooters have lengthy threads discussing rules ... usually kneelers with the odd sling thrown in. All pretty pointless, because, outside of the fantasy world that is the internet, the only way anything will get addressed and changed is via regional reps and at official AGM's etc. It's just something STB members do to take a break from porn. I suspect some members combine the two activities ... and that's fine.

There are not usually too many discussions re rules and HFT. You know the rumours about people disappearing in the night ... all true. You know the OP and you think he is referring to problems in HFT kneeling! He'd best be careful. Once again ...

FT ... there are no rules.

HFT ... don't discuss the rules.

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