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Default Turret Center

Originally Posted by evohuntsman View Post
could you explain centering my turrets and achieve windage, I,m familiar with windage and turrets but are these scope mounts adjustable then when adjusted you lock them off ???

many thanks guys for the help but I,m only familiar with 3 x 9 x 50 hawke panorama scopes and these big target scopes is a new world to me as is FT shooting,

its costing me a bloody fortune lol
If you turn your turret to the bottom of its travel[not tight wound down]then count how many clicks you have to the top of it's travel, just halve and set your turret there. Do this for both turrets, that way you are getting the best image through your scope.
I used the mounts to get my pellet to hit a fifty yrd line , then use the turret to get back to your zero [mine 30 yds] that means when you are rangeing 45/55yd targets you are using the best of your glass.
These turrets are fully adjustable for height and windage , plus they move with the tube so no crimps on the tube. [always a danger when using shims].
Hope this helps
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