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Originally Posted by skires View Post
@ 15 years ago when HFT had just started to emerge and gather momentum, there were the odd national UKAHFT events plus the odd FT club giving it a go. I'm sure that some FT lads asked ( insisted ) about a FT bag for under the knee for kneelers. The answer was initially no. I spoke to an FT lad who asked who would be responsible for paying his loss of earnings when they had to have time off work with an injured knee when they had put their knee on a hidden rock or root, and they had been denied the use of a bag. A bag was allowed initially under the knee ... but not the shin. That was impossible to police where the knee ended and the shin started so it was relaxed. It ended up being allowed all along the shin and instep.
Ah, so issues with rules in HFT is the fault of FT shooters??
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