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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
shot a 35 pm, ozzy shot a 35 am and he is a mutch better shot than you will ever be, the am session wasn't as easy as you think it was, I hung about for a while for the 2nd session and the wind wasn't switching, it was pretty mutch left to right in the field which is easier to read...and as for a 30 odd yarder taking loads of wind, has your magical muzzle break that takes no wind stopped
That depends on how you define better shot, today he was not
Infact, a rarity these days but even you were a better shot than myself, El C and the dwarf! As I said, averages were up for most Am shooters lol
Pm Wind wasn't switching, I don't think you will find any of the five shooters around me who will agree with you on that, speak to Mr.M about the field.
Yes, my Kit gave me an advantage again today on occasion but not in such strong gusts, but then I have always stated the conditions it works in and that's not one of them.
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