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Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
Hi Bri
Is there going to be a standardised size for the roll???
Yup there is.. the proposal being voted on at the moment is this :

a. Shape: roll design
b. height: 150mm (max)
c. length: any

I bought one of these on Conor's recommendation - eBay item number : 351167915775
and just cut it down to about 25cm. It's 10cm in diameter and made of high density foam, so it's got some give in it but not much. It's comfortable, waterproof and very light though.

10cm might be just a touch too small - it's fine for me, I wear size 10's. I'd say probably about 12cm would be perfect.

You can only buy those exercise rolls in either 10cm or 15cm diameters and the 15's are far more common, but they're a bit too big.
One possible solution would be to buy a 15cm diameter one and just slice a flat edge on one side to take it down to around 12cm. The flat edge would also help to keep it still when using it.

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