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Originally Posted by Freespirit View Post

Are the Air Arms pellet the same design as the latest JSB I wonder?
I’ve only been shooting airguns for just over a year, but I’ve already learned that, even when the weight and head size are supposed to be identical, ‘JSB Exact’ is not a single type of pellet at all, but a whole family of pellets, some of which are very good, some of which are really bad, and some of which are just different – very different! The trouble is that you can’t tell which type you are dealing with until you try them, and that is usually going to be after you’ve paid for them. And when you eventually find the perfect batch – you can’t get any more ….

I know they are made by JSB and might be the sweepings from their factory floor for all I know, but so far (so far!) and for whatever reason I am getting significantly better results with AA Fields, in both my HW100 and my LG110. They group as well as the best Exacts I have tried and I have found them to be much more consistent tin to tin and batch to batch.

The only thing to watch out for, if you do decide to give them a try, is damaged skirts – but then I’ve seen some pretty awful tins of ‘real’ Exacts.
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