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Originally Posted by Pecky View Post
Just been to Brierley Guns to get my divers bottle filled for shooting in the morning.
Whilst stood with other customers the owner James confronted me over alleged comments he had been told that i had put on the forums saying i was going to sue the shop over the faulty Daystate Pulsar i purchased from them.
After a short heated exchange and asking him to show me on the shops computer he backed down .
Lets clarify i chose to buy the Pulsar which was trouble from day 1 and if i was going to sue believe me my legal team would have already been in contract with the relevant people by now..
I have sold the Pulsar and replaced it with another used Daystate being a MK4 Platinum LE.
The guns coming out of the factory are only as goos as the people Daystate chose to employ to design , build and test them and there quality control and aftersales are none existent.
I don't take likely to being confronted in a shop and always had the utmost respect for the owners and staff at Brierley Guns who i feel i can no longer use.
The name banded about who had reported this ******** information is no other than Mr Simon Cockayne.
Well I'm sure the next time see him face to face it will be a very unpleasant .

I have on several occasions been told what kind of character he is.

This is absolutely shocking tbh

I'm surprised that you chose to sell the rifle rather than return it though.. and even more surprised that you replaced it with another Daystate after this experience!

Let's hope this one turns out to be more reliable - I assume it won't be going back to the factory for any work
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