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There's been talk of this on other forums.

JSB introduced the Exact Premium which are sold in 200's and in a box. They are supposed to be hand selected 'Premium' pellets that are all within a certain weight.

There have been some batch differences within the normal Exacts for ages now. Some have a slightly more rounded head than others and slight differences in fill inside the tails.

The Exact Premiums are a much shorter pellet with more infill. So sizewise like an Express but the infill gives you 8.44gr.

People have been stating that they have bought tins of 500 Exacts ( not Premiums ) and found the pellets inside to look like Premiums ( much shorter and more infill ... like the new ones that the OP posted a photo of ). So it seems like JSB are maybe taking pellets that don't comply to Premium quality and selling them in tins of 500 as normal Exacts.

I don't think all the latest Exacts are like that. So if you buy a tin of a different batch they may well be like your old pellets. You just ended up with a tin of 500 'Premium' rejects.

Lots of posts on the forums saying that the Premiums group ok ( but not any better than the best Exact batch that shooter had found ) but do drop a tad more at long range.

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