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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
There seems to be much more lead at the centre of the pellet making it shorter with a shallower & stiffer skirt.
With the same FPS over the chrono, I needed 10 more clicks at 55 yards, suggesting a lower BC in my gun, and that was with 3 different batches.
Gun sounded "blatty" when using them.
Yeh, i've been playing with a set of selects. They group well and are consistent, very consistent down range (less than 5fps over 20 shots at 55yds). But I only had 2 boxes so never really got into them to any degree. But i've laid my hands on some more (which i've yet to test properly) and i concur, they all drop like a stone. Express and the old exacts run about 15-20fps apart from each other in my gun but down range they have no difference in POI. These things I have to add a chunk to hit the same POI. I'm running about 5 & 1/4MOA of drop from peak to 55 @ approx 795 with express , and these things probably run around 6-7 MOA... i never bothered measuring precisely.
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