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Ive recently purchased a few sleeves of JSB Exact 4.52, 8.44 grn pellets from Germany. My previous batch that I've had for about 18months were purchased from Intershoot and I'm really pleased with them.
When putting the 'new' pellets through the chronograph the power was down compared to the 'old' ones.
Looking at the two batches side by side showed that they are significantly different.
I've attached a photo showing each pellet. The ones on the right are my original Intershoot supplied ones with a serial number of 7000011.
The 'new' ones are shorter, thicker waisted and darker in colour.
I shall appreciate any help in advising why there is such a difference in each pellet that I thought would be the same.
How can I get a few sleeves similar to the Intershoot ones?
Many thanks
I think that the one batch is four years older than the other one
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