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I fully understand Rob at the moment that the BFTA aren't scrapping bags. The worlds apparently are ... or have ... hence the roll. That may or may not spread to the BFTA.

It seems as though people are still commenting that the new guidelines are being stretched/not enforced by some people. I honestly can't see a situation, even if you change it to volume and a box to test, where bags won't cause controversy. Even using the smaller bags, if people use the laces down option it's almost impossible that some part of the bag isn't 'appearing' to be touching something it shouldn't. If a roll gives just as good a support in the instep and people can put on a kneepad if they want protection from stones/roots etc, and a roll is no extra problem re carrying, what are the negatives for a roll compared to eliminating the controversy of a bag?

... and ... er ... I didn't post most of that quote.
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