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Originally Posted by skires View Post
More evidence to just get rid of the problem ... bags.

The Bags are not the problem ,the problem is how they are used. I do not have a problem with bags or rolls, lets just make that clear.
Why make everyone ditch bags when only a few break the rules ? Why skirt around the issue by saying everyone must be punished ?
Why bother having any rules if they are just going to be ignored anyway . Like I said no one cares until someone is winning AA ,that's when it kicks off .
The bfta aren't getting rid of bags. Their use is still permitted, as it has always been. There is nothing in the new rule wording that has not been permitted before.

As far as I'm aware the kneeling issue crosses all grades but it was particularly important that new shooters didn't follow the incorrect stance of experienced shooters who were confused by the previous set of rules or not aware of them.

The issue seems to have coincided with the use of larger bags. Personally I'd scrap the 4" height that allows a duvet to be used and go with a max volume. But that's just me. If it doesn't fit in the box it's not fit for the course.
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