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Originally Posted by buzz View Post
The rules say no more than 4 inches thick when pressed between two boards,it says nothing about the total volume,how i see it you can use a beanbag thats 2 metres in diameter as long as its no more than 4 inches thick.
Yes Buzz

The 4 inch restriction was introduced some years ago because shooters with bigger bags were turning them into seats. I imagine when the rule was introduced there was no consideration that 2m diameter bags would be used but if they were and concensus was they were giving advantage then the rules would have to be modified.

I think that's fair evolution of the sport

Extendable hamsters would be of little use if there were no high targets (perhaps).
If on the silhouette range at the Classic I see some one using their extendable hamster to rest on their hip then I think evolution has gone too far

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