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You are simply not going to get away from controversy re ground level issues on kneelers as long as a bag is being used. Normal bags, big bags ... they will always bring questions as to whether it's doing something it shouldn't.

A lot of work went into clarifying the rule and that included the release of photos. It all means nowt unless everyone conforms and everyone marshalls each other the same. There will always be " The King's New Clothes ". People will know the old boy is wandering down the street with his todger waggling around ... they just won't say anything.

What's next ... trial by internet. Have a photographer at each kneeling lane and take photos of every kneeler ( weren't they doing that in the worlds? ). Post them on the net ... that would go down a treat ... controversy, name and shame, public execution, everything that keeps a good internet airgun site buzzing.

The only logical way to improve this is to get rid of bags.

When you've done that ... people can concentrate the moaning on the wrist position relative to the knee and hamster contact with forearms/wrists etc.

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