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Why no definitive rule from the BFTA AGM?

I think that the move to an ankle roll is an excellent idea and will happen. What is not known is what are the parameters for the roll and where they can be sourced. The desire was that the BFTA would supply rolls on kneeling lanes rather than people buy their own. For 2 reasons:
1) cost
2) everyone using the same
That is why the cone was suggested.

A number of examples were available at the AGM to try. The outcome was that more development time was needed. So for 2016:

Shooters will be able to use their own ankle rolls and from this trial hopefully the parameters for the roll will be determined.

What shooters won't be able to do is combine a roll and a bag. So if you're trialling a roll then you might also want to bring a flat mat to keep your knee clean.

I shall be trialling a roll and if anyone wants a go I can bring it to Dowry tomorrow but please know that I don't mind getting my knee dirty and I'm junior size

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