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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Which bit of the kneeling rule do you think isn't solid?
Nowt wrong with the rules its the people who ignore them, I have to kneel on the very edge of the feels like my toes are bleeding on every kneeler I do, 18 stone no ankle support( I will be making my self a kneeling roll very soon) and then the next person comes along and kneels all the way across the bag, and not with the knee all the way across and on the ground or he folds the bag up crams it under the ankle and it balloons up both sides of the ankle and is basically sitting on the bag and then you've got the extendable hamster brigade who angle it so its running along the arm...its a bit hard to take some times when I have just missed a kneeler trying to do it proper and some one else has a clear advantage by cheating knowingly or not, And its not down to me to tell the person there doing it wrong, that's the Marshalls job, I marshalled the afternoon session at castles winter league I stood on the kneeling lane for over an hour...and every one went out there way to do a legal kneeler...conclusion only kneeling rolls should be used at national events and Marshalls on the kneeling lanes to stop the people who run the hamster along the arm....
The playing field has got to be level at some point...!!!
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