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Originally Posted by Johnnywizz View Post
I have come to shooting and field target specifically quite recently. I went at it arse about face and started with the rifle, then found the club. I equipped myself with a Weirauch HWW100 S with the fully shrouded barrel. I have come in for some stick from fellow club members for choosing this gun. Now, my problem is that whilst the guys have indeed given me some great advice I am not sure if their disapproval of the Weirauch is a wind up or if this gun will seriously hamper me getting on in this sport. Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi great sport to get into and yes I did it arse about titts too, started with an air ranger.... great rifle but not adjustable enough for ft.

Have a look at what other members are using, as for the hw100 you won't see many on the circuit I have only seen one and non with any top shooters.

It's a good rifle for its intended purpose but that isn't ft.

Try a few of the club guys personal I would swear by steyr, very accurate and adjustable, simple to work on and get spares for.

Scope is as important so again look and try get the best budget will allow.

Most of all enjoy it

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