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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
The rule says your bag shouldn't be higher than 4 inches - my kneeling roll is 4 inches.. from that photo it certainly doesn't look like your bag is less than 4 inches thick, the bag to the right on my photo looks to be significantly more than 4 inches.

The rule says it should be measured when flattened between two boards (not compressed), so there's a chance your bean bag might be less than 4 inches.

I wouldn't say it was cheating though, as in a deliberate attempt to gain an advantage by flouting or breaking the rules. It's a rule that's never been enforced and if you look around the vast majority of shooters have a bag bigger than 4 inches. It only became obvious to me when I put my kneeling roll down next to someone's bean bag.

I don't think it matters how thick your beanbag is, I think it's a pointless rule personally.
The beanbag rule got enforced at an mfta winter shoot a while ago, A certain fat bloke called the welsh wizard was disqualified for sitting on a round sofa
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