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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Brian thats not a very nice thing to say, accusing me of cheating by using an over filled bean bag.
The thing is I'm left really confused now.
Clearly your the man who knows the rules regarding the depth of the bag after all the hard work you've done on the kneeling roll.
The thing is, i thought it had not to be more than 4" deep when compressed between two boards, not when it was placed on the floor with its filling over to one side.
I'd hate for you to think that all the trophy's you reffer to I've amassed over the years, are a result of having an illegal bean bag.
The rule says your bag shouldn't be higher than 4 inches - my kneeling roll is 4 inches.. from that photo it certainly doesn't look like your bag is less than 4 inches thick, the bag to the right on my photo looks to be significantly more than 4 inches.

The rule says it should be measured when flattened between two boards (not compressed), so there's a chance your bean bag might be less than 4 inches.

I wouldn't say it was cheating though, as in a deliberate attempt to gain an advantage by flouting or breaking the rules. It's a rule that's never been enforced and if you look around the vast majority of shooters have a bag bigger than 4 inches. It only became obvious to me when I put my kneeling roll down next to someone's bean bag.

I don't think it matters how thick your beanbag is, I think it's a pointless rule personally.
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