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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

It's a 10cm roll about 25cm long. They're some sort of exercise roll. I could only buy one that was 90cm long, so I cut off 25cm.

Lots of people said it would be no good because it's too small (traditional kneeling rolls are around 15cm, but they're filled with stuff with more give in it).

Also because FT isn't shot on level ground, people said it would be no good because it would need to change diameter to suit the ground etc etc..

Well.. the proof of the pudding etc... actually it's dead easy to use. If you need less height you just move it closer to your ankle, if you need more height you just move it further up your shin.

The other criticism I've heard is - "oh great another bit of kit to lug around a course with me". Well, it weighs bugger all, I just threaded a cord through the middle of it, attached a clip and I clip it onto my bag. Job done, I don't even notice I'm carrying it.

Like anything in FT, it's just another skill that needs to be learned and if I'm honest it's a dead easy skill to learn - took all of 5 minutes

I find it actually gives me a more stable kneeling position than using a bag, there's no question about whether my position is legal or not because basically it's not possible to get into an illegal position when using one.

p.s. The other interesting thing I notice while carrying it round with me is this. It's 10cm in diameter (i.e. 4 inches) and 4 inches is the maximum height of a "legal" bean bag in FT. If I put it down next to most people's bean bags it's bloody obvious that their bean bags are a lot thicker than 4 inches (and therefore not legal!). Take another look at that photo I posted and you'll see the two people next to me both have illegal bean bags, and one of them is an AA shooter with a stack of trophies to his name.

Brian thats not a very nice thing to say, accusing me of cheating by using an over filled bean bag.
The thing is I'm left really confused now.
Clearly your the man who knows the rules regarding the depth of the bag after all the hard work you've done on the kneeling roll.
The thing is, i thought it had not to be more than 4" deep when compressed between two boards, not when it was placed on the floor with its filling over to one side.
I'd hate for you to think that all the trophy's you reffer to I've amassed over the years, are a result of having an illegal bean bag.
I can assure you that when the bag is compressed between two boards its 4" deep.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.

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