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I once went to a really big event where the cars were parked in fields, after eventually finding the right field I declared to a few friends that I really, really needed to have a pee.

We found a quiet area and a suitable spot between a van and the parked cars, my mates said they would keep watch and let me know if anyone approaches.

I quickly unzipped and started a healthy stream up against the front wheel of the van (not over it though). I was mid stream and starting to feel that overwhelming satisfaction that you get, when, I noticed that there was a couple in the car next to me, watching me with a mixed look of horror and fear on their faces, now I should have stopped and run off but I just couldn't stop, well not until I had finished.

I don't to this day know why I did what I did next, but once finished, I nodded and winked at the couple as I re-zipped my jeans and calmly walked off.

what a plonker
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