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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
To my mind that is as good a reason as to leave the rule as simple as is possible and just say three points of contact with the ground i.e. two feet and one knee.

As to any bleats about unfair advantage - well if it is left simple then it is up to the individual to find what works best for them - much the same as how the sitting position varies from person to person.

BTW I am a former FT shooter.
Unfortunately Dale, common sense isn't in the majority. Then we get people saying "ah but does that mean i cant have a bag under my knee?" and when shooter a sees shooter b with that bag under their knee, they say "so i can have it under my foot then?" and then another one says "i i have a massive bag that does both and supports my backside as well that's ok cos it's not touching the ground then"... or "can i trap it so it stands up like a shin guard and rest my hand on it?"etc ad infinitum.

Unfortunately the rules are complex because a few people consistently try and re-invent the position that we the majority know, but because they didn't cover every eventuality thought of down the pub they had to be worded so they did.

It was voted on at the last meeting to see if the rules could be taken back to simple, but i think it was generally accepted that it opened up too many loopholes and would lead to modified sitting.

It's why at the recent meeting the standing position was the focus of the chair's attention after a shooter was seen shooting in a new inventive shooting position. It wasn't against the rules, but fundamentally most would say it wasn't as intended. The new approach is that if people play silly games, they'll get silly rules. Same thing has been said in the WFTF rules as well.
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