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Originally Posted by Hoodster View Post
So far I'm just following the nefta leagues so shooting both and enjoying both.
OK ... just shoot the kneelers in your own way and satisfy yourself that you are shooting within the rules. Don't worry about how anyone else is shooting them. You'll go mad.

I did some testing a while back to see just how much advantage could be gained from various positions ... including some that definitely pushed the rules to and beyond the limits. After a bit of effort and concentration I was getting good enough groups at various ranges that would knock any kneelers down, and that was with no bag ( decent boots ), toes on floor and resting on back of heel, elbow near knee ( so very traditional ).

So it's more important to find what's comfy for you and then put practice time in rather than worrying what others are doing or trying to push the rules to find an advantage.

Keep enjoying.
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