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Originally Posted by Hoodster View Post
taken from the ukahft web site :-

The kneeling position is defined as only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet & 1 knee).

The rear foot shall be upright and straight in line with the knee, sitting on a turned foot is not allowed.

now surely if your sat on your foot laces down then also your shin up to the knee will be grounded also.
Are you a HFT or FT shooter?

The laces down does give an advantage. It lowers the buttocks/hips and everything else above that ( shoulders/head/eyes ). This makes it easier to push the front foot forwards and then have the front forearm rested along the front thigh with the wrist very close *coughs* to the knee. You can achieve this with the laces down stance and get the eye lined up with the scope without bending the back/head/neck too much. A much more stable stance than the traditional toes on floor and buttock rested on back of heel and elbow closer to knee.

I agree with Pete's comment that you could achieve the same thing as having the shin all along the floor, by having virtually no beans in your bag, and your bag does indeed mould to your instep and shin more than the ground often does. This is why it's a bit of a farce having a beanbag that can fill your instep and cover your shin. That takes away the 3 points. That's why in Olympic kneeling you just have a roll that sits in the instep. I'm sure Brian is doing some testing on that re World FT comps.

However, it's not Olympic shooting in an arena with a flat surface and mats etc. It's in a wood where the ground is uneven, with roots and stones etc, and a compromise is being sought to not give too much support but try and help protect shooters from injury. So a nightmare to try and write the rules and a bigger one trying to get everyone to enforce them consistently.

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