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Originally Posted by fatboy58 View Post
Hi ,

I have a Verminator MK2 Fac in .177 and on full power it groups fine with JSB's 10,34 grain. However on power 2 and 1 it hust won't group with any pellet. I think the ST barrel does not like low(er) velocity's. I'm considering of replacing the barrel with an LW ore BSA barrel.

Anyone who did this ?

Very interesting. I would be interested to hear of anybody with experience of a .177 ST barrel, that does group at 50m, sub 12 ft.lbs. I can't say I've read any positive confirmation of this nature.

I've long believed that between 40 and 50 yards is a kind of critical range for 12 ft.lbs .177, where a lot of barrel/pellet combinations will group exceptionally well below that range and start to open out above that range. We read similar stories for the Defiants a few years ago. Great for closer ranges and FAC, by some accounts not so good for FT at 55 yards.

There must be a PhD research project or two in this somewhere.
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